Who We Are


Aaron Breuhl, CPA

Managing Director

Aaron graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accountancy from San Diego State University. Aaron joined JDP Forensic Accounting as a financial analyst in 2012. His skills have been applied to detailed analyses of financial statements, calculation of damages, business disputes, complex tracing analyses of business revenue for fraud investigations and a wide variety of other forensic work. While performing forensic and investigative accounting for JDP Forensic Accounting, Aaron has provided support to legal counsel in both civil and criminal cases.



Jeff Porter, CPA


Jeff has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accountancy from San Diego State University and has extensive experience in the maintenance, analysis and reconstruction of business and personal financial records. He is an accomplished forensic accountant with a long list of litigation matters to which he has been engaged to serve as an expert witness. In addition, Jeff has a long list of cases where in he has provided deposition and/or trial testimony. Jeff has considerable and diverse experience in litigation matters just some of which includes: divorce, financial abuse, international commercial sales contracts, economic damages, fraud and embezzlement, business disputes and general business litigation.

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Will Lewis

Senior Financial Analyst

Will earned his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Chicago, where he developed a deep understanding of statistics and their appropriate application. Will specializes in financial and statistical analysis in a wide variety of cases and subject matters. Will is an integral part of the team that assists in analysis of economic damages claims, commercial sales contracts, general business litigation and other litigation.

Will’s professional experience includes working at a large consulting firm designing executive and director compensation packages in companies ranging in size from small privately held businesses to businesses listed on Standard & Poor’s 500 index of large companies. Will also has considerable experience valuing and accounting for stock options. As part of these duties Will performed financial analysis of a company’s financial results and that of their competitors. In addition to using published compensation surveys, Will would often develop custom surveys to collect industry data. Will Lewis is a Certified Business Economist (CBE) candidate.